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KPOA Encourages you to attend Picnic for Poki TODAY at 11am at The Historic Ka'ahumanu Church in Wailuku Town

Our featured guest with live Hawaiian entertainment will be Reiko Fukino and Friends. Enjoy great music and the tropical island breezes as you have coffee and fresh baked cookies from Roselani Place. Feel free to bring your lunch with you and relax under the monkey pod tree for an hour or so at this free event, which is open to the public.


Week 1: Monday: March 24, 2014 Clue # 1
We’ve waited all year for KPOA to bring Easter Holiday cheer. Here, Here!! KPOA for bringing back again, the Pekelo cottontail hunt for all us Mauians. Its been 10 years that this hunt for Pekelo has gone on. Every year, without fail, a person has won. Fabulous prizes worth thousands to you. Just listen to us throughout the day for the Pekelo clue. Hear. Here! to find Pekelo, M-F, take um easy, take um mellow. We have several weeks to find that kolohe lapaki, were starting this month, the month of  Malaki. So all you Pekelo hunters, both past and present. Pay close attention and have a day that’s very pleasant!
Mala Ki- Mala Wharf
Week 1: Tuesday: March 25th, 2014 Clue #2
We started yesterday, the Pekelo hunt began. Here’s clue number 2 for March 25th listen as best as you can. Hear! Here! e Pekelo. Pekelo is gone, from the studio he did hop, He just got his paycheck, maybe he wanted to shop. This chinese year is the year of the horse. Follow the calender every day to plan your course. Finding Pekelo will be fun in the sun. As long as you live on Maui and are over 21. One winner takes all, so many prizes big and small. just listen to KPOA, no need buy a thing at all. While waiting for our clues sing and dance to our vibes. But dont call the station, KPOA doesn’t take bribes.
wanted to shop at Lahaina Cannery Mall
sun- Lahina- merciless sun
Week 1: Wednesday: March 26, 2014 Clue # 3
Hear! Here! e Pekelo Itʻs Wed. March 26th, clue number three. Pekelo could be anywhere, maybe even in a tree. As we try to figure out where Pekelo has gone far and wide. Here’s a reminder on how Pekelo likes to hide. He doesn’t like to be buried and can’t swim to get a carrot. So heʻs definately not underground or underwater and can’t fly like a parrot. Pekelo is a funny rabbit who loves to laugh and play, like his journies last year that took him through all of Maui’s bays. There is one thing we know about Pekelo the bunny, the place he likes to hide is fun, fun, funny!!!
the parrot refers to Maui Jims, their office is in Lahaina
bays....take Honoapiilani Highway
Week 1: Thursday: March 27th 2014. Clue #4
Hear! Here! e Pekelo Itʻs Thurs. March 27th, and clue number four, could he be kona, koolau, mauka or by the shore? Maui’s such a big place, yet just a speck on the earth. Such a beautiful place of such incredible worth. The mountains, the beaches, the people and our land. Everything on Maui is so, so grand. If you wanna know more, go to the KPOA site on the world wide web or check out the Hawaiian moon calender, which guides the tides flow and ebb. Maui is a place of beauty all around, we’ll keep giving you clues till Pekelo is found.
Maui and earth....words can be found on the bathroom mural at Mala Wharf
there is a picture of the world as well
Hawaiian moon, harbor tides
Week 1: Friday: March 28, 2014 Clue #5
Hear! Here! e Pekelo. Itʻs Fri. March 28th the last clue of this week. Listen carefully if it’s Pekelo you seek. Pekelo is still not listening to our calls from the station. He must be out of range from our
telecommunication. We’ve been giving you clues all week and we’re worn, Let’s postpone the search for Pekelo til monday morn. But if you missed some clues these past five days thru, go to our sponsors today after 2. Vacations Hawaii, KBH, Dr. Lau, Expeditions and every Minute Stop. Spa Luna, Uptown chevron, Kahului Carpets, and Whole Foods go there hippity hop! All the clues will be listed for you to study and read. If you continue the search here’s some things to heed. Do not search in private property, kapu places or national parks. Be respectful and maka'ala and watch out for those sharks.
study and read....refers to Lahainaluna High School
private property, kapu places Puʻupiha Cemetary
sharks....sightings at Baby Beach
Week 2: Monday: March 31, 2014 Clue # 6
Hear! Here! e Pekelo It’s March 31st and here’s clue number six, Pekelo is hiding and up to his old tricks. He’s left behind some things for us to figure out. To help to point out the direction that shows us his route. A map of Maui turned upside down, why upside down, that silly clown. Maybe he wanted to go someplace different, a place exotic, far and distant. But he can’t leave this island, so where would he go, that an upside down map of Maui would show. Let’s find some more clues and figure it out and maybe it will tell us what this is all about.
IF you turn a map of Maui upside down, it looks like Tahiti, the Old Lahaina Luau is very close to Pekeloʻs hiding place
Week 2: Tuesday: April 1st, 2014 Clue #7
Today is April 1st, tuesday and here’s clue number seven, Pekelo is still hiding on Maui, a place some call heaven. Hear! here! e Pekelo Pekelo was seen on the #5 Maui Bus, chitting and chatting with his bunny buddy Gus. Pekelo and Gus riding on the bus? That’s a clue we should discuss. Gus is one local and get little bit chinese, we know why he’s on the bus cause Pekelo forgot his keys. Pekelo and gus the two stay crusin on the bus. Chuckling, laughing and giggling at us. Cause it’s April fools day, so listeners do the math. This clue could lead you on or take you off the Pekelo path.
#7=2+5- Kaʻanapali Islander, #5=2+3- Lahaina Villager, 2 buses take you to the same place, Lahaina Cannery Mall
Week 2: Wednesday: April 2, 2014 Clue # 8
Hear! Here! e Pekelo. It’s Wednesday April 2nd and this is clue number 8, could he be singing and dancing and trying to find a mate. We searched his bunny home and found a few things missing. A binoculars that was hanging on his two frogs kissing. He left his car keys as was mentioned before, yet took his rain coat that was hanging on the door. Was he expecting bad weather where ever he went, we know he’s coming back, he paid next month’s rent. His hat is gone and sunglasses too. Go find sweet Pekelo, says the KPOA crew.
mate....Pekelo is looking for his boat crew and binoculars, rain coat, hat and sunglasses are his boatwear
Week 2: Thursday: April 3 2014. Clue #9
Hear! Here e Pekelo! It’s Thurs. April 3rd, 2014. This is clue number nine look to above for a sign . On top of his table was a basket that Pekelo did weave, Inside that basket was a pen, an open letter and a sticker that says believe. We know that Pekelo learned to read and to write, the first in his class that’s the truth, alright. He’s left us these things to help find him where he is hiding. So get out and search, take your car and go riding.
sign- Jesus Coming Soon
believe- church Jesus Coming Soon
read and write- Lahainaluna, first school West of the Rockies
Week 2: Friday: April 4, 2014 Clue #10
Hear! Here! e Pekelo It’s Fri. april 4th and clue number ten, lets go through the clues and review again. A letter, a pen, a sticker and map. No raincoat, binoculars, keys, sunglasses and cap. In the letter he wrote,“I want to travel the path of an old King’s fable, that led him to the place where there was a small stable.” Pekelo you rascal, your tricky and wise. But we’ll find you for sure and win the grand prize. A trip for four to Las Vegas so fun. This is the last clue this week, yup we’re done
If you missed some clues these five days past, go to our sponsors today after 2, then enjoy the weekend have a blast. Uptown Food Mart and Car Wash, Dr. Jonathan Lau, Wailuku Dental Group, Whole Foods Market, Spa Luna in the Maui Mall, Minit Stop, all Maui locations, Kahului Carpets, Alpha Electric Dr. Lau, Expeditions and every Minute Stop. Spa Luna in the Maui Mall, Kahului Carpets, Alpha Electric go there hippity hop! All the clues will be listed for you to study and read. If you continue the search here’s some things to heed. Do not search in private property, national parks or kapu places. Be respectful and malama, and Aloha all races.
stable- refers to the 3 wise men 
kapu places- Puʻupiha Cemetary
malama- another Mala word
Week 3: Monday: April 7, 2014 Clue # 11
Hear. Here! e Pekelo. It’s Monday April 7th and clue# 11 here in our beautiful, Maui heaven. To find Pekelo last week we searched through his home, this week let’s look at the places Pekelo likes to roam. When Pekelo escapes he goes to places of habit, that’s because he is still a rabbit. He follows a scent picked up by his nose, often to a destination he usually goes. He always picks up the scent of a delightful island treat, that’s located outside near the street. Let’s pick up the scent and see what we find. We’re gonna find you Pekelo, we’re right behind.
places of habit: went back to the beach, close to a church, Jesus is coming Lahaina, delightful treat- Olowalu Store, on the way to Lahaina
Week 3: Tuesday: April 8, 2014 Clue #12
Hear. Here! e Pekelo. It’s April 8th, a day of 2s. so let’s have fun with 2days clues. 2 seek for Pekelo you must understand that he is a bunny of the land. He likes 2 travel places of gathering faces. A multitude in line at the end a sign. 2 continue today it’s 2 easy 2 say that Pekelo has gone far, far away.
land and gathering faces- the faces of the heading to Lahaina, end of the cliffs, past Mauna Halawai is the Lahainaluna "L"
Week 3: Wednesday: April 9, 2014 Clue # 13
Hear! Here! e Pekelo Itʻs Wed. April 9 and lovely to live on Maui, a place so divine. Pekelos favorite pastime is checking out the waves. He also likes to hip and hop into dark caves. He loves to watch the sunset as most people do, yet Pekelo likes to watch it with two islands as his view. Maui is growing and the beaches are getting crowded, Pekelo gets sunburned so he’s keeping himself shrouded.
Waves, Lahaina surf spots, dark cave is the tunnel going to Lahaina, sunset at Mala: can see 2 islands Lanaʻi and Molokaʻi
Week 3: Thursday: April 10 2014. Clue #14
Hear! Here! e Pekelo. Here’s clue number 14 and it’s April 10, Finding Pekelo is right around the ben.
Pekelo is full of adventure and likes to be outdoors, he likes walking on the beach and shopping at the stores. He enjoys playing with all kinds of toys and gets extra excited when he hears this certain noise. His heart starts to race and pitter patters to the beat, cause the wind will be blowing on his face, not his feet.
adventure: boat tours at Mala Wharf
beach and shopping on Front Street
toys- boats
noise- engine of boats
wind blowing in your face as you ride the boats
Week 3: Friday: April 11, 2014 Clue #15
Hear! Here! e Pekelo! Itʻs April 11th, Aloha friday indeed. Dont give up yet, you can still succeed! Pekelo daydreams and wished he could fly, and searches for the clouds that once danced through the sky. Pekelo is a bunny who is fit and trim, Yet still doesn’t know how to swim. He likes the water though, that’s a fact. And likes to hide in things that are cracked. The winds of time and change are a blowing, cars parked illegally are in jeapardy of towing. Since Pekelo has no car this clue is for you. A safe weekend of hunting from your KPOA crew.
fly- parasailing
clouds that once danced- Lahaina smokestack
towing- tow away sign right in front of pillar at Mala
swim- Baby Beach-close to Puʻupiha Cemetary
cracked-the pillar where Pekelo is hiding is cracked
winds of change-another description of the mural on bathroom at Mala
Week 4: Monday: April 14, 2014 Clue # 16
Hear. Here for Pekelo clue # 16 April 14 2014, Pekelo loves people of all ages and races and likes to visit them in their quiet, peaceful spaces. Pekelo enjoys the company of all of his friends. He’ll travel far to be with them, even when the road ends. Watch where you park and walk with light feet, drink some water and stay out of the heat.
all ages/races in their quiet places, Puʻupiha Cemetary
road ends: Mala Wharf at the end of the street
parking stall: next to bathroom shower, to wash feet and drink water
Week 4: Tuesday: April 15th, 2014 Clue #17
Hear. Here! e Pekelo, The valley isle is so beautiful and full of joy. A place of happiness and play for every girl and boy. As said before Pekelo left a letter for us to read. Listen to this poem he wrote it will give you a lead. “I will follow the star’s light and find my way home even in the night. Though the dark deep seas, with the glow of day straight ahead, the winds are blowing the i’a directly over head”
play for girl and boy- mural on the bathroom at Mala Wharf
poem- describes the mural on bathroom at Mala Wharf and fishing boats
Week 4: Wednesday: April 16, 2014 Clue # 18
Hear. Here! e Pekelo! Itʻs Wed. April 9 and here we live in Maui divine! People are coming and going with ease, surrounded by many orange blossomed trees. Shaded by branches close to the ground. Is for sure a place where Pekelo will be found.
with ease- road right next to the bathroom
orange blossomed trees- kou trees next to Puʻupiha Cemetary
Week 4: Thursday: April 17 2014, Clue #19
Hear. Here! E Pekelo. We’ve been searching for weeks and we’re almost there. Pekelo is waiting in silent prayer. Two suns that have set one in the east and one in the west, one shines brightly, the other at rest. In between the two Pekelo did land in a place he could wash his feet off from all the sand.
2 suns= 1 Jesus, 1 Buddah sitting peacefully praying
Week 4: Friday: April 18, 2014 Clue #20
Hear Pekelo! Here Pekelo! Itʻs Good Fri. april 18th, and a Friday good indeed!!! Weve come to the last day, you hunters have been great! But today Pekelo must be found, it is his fate. An L is his view, he’s near the place of the spiraling honu. Tucked snug inside of something that did fall. The light one in the middle next to a dirt parking stall. Go get him and come quick to our studio at KPOA, we’ll congratulate you on the radio with a big hip hop hurray
Lahainaluna L
spiraling honu- picture of mural on bathroom at Mala
pillar is next to the parking lot


Papa Hehi: "footboard, used for dancing." "Papa" means "board" and "hehi" means "to step on"

Nahenahe ke lohe mai i ke kani o ka papa hehi.

The sound of the footboard is melodic.


April 17

HB Dominic Kahula MR POLE BENDER from the entire Kahula Ohana

HB Peter Keao from your grand daughter Ashanti

HB William Ah Puck

HB Holly Kaanana

HB Brad Hosino

HB Geraldine Nikaido

HB Maggie Karrati

HB Roxanne Dixon

HB Tony Davis

HB Meilynn Urayanza

HB Anna Kusunoki-Chong-Kee

HB Milton Boy Diego Jr.

HB Valerie Ware

HB Janice Tumpap

HB Thomas Akima


HA Talia Naho'oikaika

HA Leila and Francis Maddela


There is no tsunami threat to Hawaiʻi following a 7.2 (downgraded from 7.4 preliminary) magnitude earthquake reported at 4:27 a.m. HST on Friday, April 18, 2014, near the coast of Guerrero Mexico, according to the Pacific Tsunami Warning Center.
The Maui County Council will consider legislation on Tuesday to rename the Kahului Pool and an Upcountry field after youth mentors Spencer Shiraishi and William "Blee" Amoral Sr., Council Member Don Guzman announced.
Two of the fires located at the corner of Likelike Avenue and Poʻokela Street merged into one fire approximately a quarter acre in size; and a third fire, also a quarter acre in size, was located about 50 yards to the west on Likelike Avenue.
Six traffic fatalities in past 11 days prompts message from county administration to join the Maui Police Department's plea for motorists to “drive smart.”



Local Jamm - Whaz Up With That
Kaiholu - Aloha 'Ia O No Maui
No Woman No Cry (Hawaiian Version) -
Kuana Torres Kahele - Kaililauokekoa
Malino - Lily of the Valley
Malino - Lily of the Valley
Micah G - Apple Of My Eye
Micah G - Apple Of My Eye
Kamaka Kukona - Liko Pua Hau
Kimo Kahoano - It's Aloha Friday


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