WEEKNIGHTS 7pm - 6am

My name is Damien Awai born and raised in Paukukalo, moving all over Maui Island Ha'iku, Pa'ia, Makawao and now Lahaina, I love my Maui roots. Raised in a musical family my father a bassist for one time Maui group the Danny Kapoi trio I try to follow in his footsteps by doing a solo act and creating now performing/recording group An Den. I have had many of jobs here on the Island but music always seems to find me. I started playing professionally full time science about 2002. Releasing my first cd project in 2008 with my band An Den, music has kept me very busy.

I am a fun loving person who loves to talk stories, always willing to take time out to chat it up. I love to keep a smile on my face all day long and entertain people. I guess I just love to make people smile too, It's contagious. I am also a true lover of music, my favorites are Jazz, Hawaiian, Hip Hop, Reggae, Alternative, 60's or Classic rock Classical, and what ever I can get my hand's on. I really love being involved with the community as much as possible as well, I guess it comes from the talking stories part and the make you smile with me part. Let's have fun together and talk stories, jam out, smile... HAWAIIAN STYLE!!!